A visit at Bytics Group

The Industrie 4.0 production system is taking shape. The ambitious project from the Swiss Smart Factory shows how right now interconnected machines and applications can interact as one to build a variety of different products. Over 50 companies have joined this effort to create such a modern ecosystem that will exemplify the next step in industrial evolution.

The head of the project Michael Wendling visited one of our project partners a short while ago. The Bytics Group  is an innovative company with a diverse base of products and services that range from engineering to software.

The Lighthouse project Industrie 4.0 will integrate hardware and software created by the Bytics group. First their production helper and cobotics arm Horst.

Additionally, the ecosystem will be connected to a digital platform that is in development with Bytics and other partners. You can catch videos about the project on our youtube channel, be sure to subscribe to get updated as the project develops we will show all parts of the system and explain how this is going to change the face of the industry.


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