Due to the uncertain Covid situation and because we are convinced that the added value of a Startup Weekend lies in the live event, we have decided to postpone the SWBB from June to October 2021. The invitation with the final program and registration link will follow in August 2021.

Video Deep Dive: Machine Learning

In our first Deep Dive Video, we explore Machine Learning with a real-life example of what we can do with self-teaching algorithms.

Lighthouse Project Industrie 4.0 Machine learning

Lighthouse Project Industrie 4.0 Machine learning
Artificial intelligence and machine learning, what is it good for? Absolutely everything! This time the SSF Team gives a good overview of the many uses and use-cases that Machine Learning can help companies find, analyse and overcome production issues.

Medtech Innovation Event 2020

Not the same procedure as every year; With a few adjustments due to the global situation the Medtech Innovation Event was as always a fun energetic happening where People from companies of all sizes meet to get inspired and network.

A visit at Bytics Group

The Industrie 4.0 production system is taking shape. The ambitious project from the Swiss Smart Factory shows how right now interconnected machines and applications can interact as one to build a variety of different products. Over 50 companies have joined this effort to create such a modern ecosystem that will exemplify the next step in industrial evolution.

Lighthouse Project Video 2 | Digital Retrofit

In our second instalment of the Lighthouse project Industrie 4.0 we take a look at digital retrofitting. A crucial issue for many manufacturers that want to upgrade their machines and be able to be part of the Internet of Things, yet don’t want to buy new equipment. Thanks to digital retrofitting, it is possible for […]

Network meeting of Swiss Smart Factory members at Balluff Schweiz

Well attended a network meeting of Swiss Smart Factory members at Balluff Schweiz. On Monday, November 18th, 2019, Frank Wittwer, CEO of Balluff AG and Pascal Olivier Gaggero, Head of Innovation Management gave an exclusive insight into the activities and the philosophy at Balluff AG Schweiz.