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Digital Regions - SSF Partner Project
Digital Regions is an interregional project funded by Interreg Europe programme in which 8 European regions from Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland and Ireland will work together until January 2023. Partners will try to best adapt innovation policies to support smart specialisation in the manufacturing sector as a result of the emergence of INDUSTRY 4.0 (often referred to as the 4th Industrial Revolution).

The project aims to benefit all stakeholders in each region’s innovation ecosystem, i.e. innovation policy makers, SMEs that use I4.0 solutions, suppliers of I4.0 services and universities and innovation centres. It has an overall budget of €1,622,566.00, which is 85 % funded by ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) and Swiss equivalent funding in the case of our Swiss partner.


DIGITAL REGIONS kick-off meeting 8th October 2019 (Ireland)

Funded by Interreg Europe programme, DIGITAL REGIONS project partners have met for the first time on 8th October for the kick-off meeting in Letterkenny (Co. Donegal, Ireland). The event, hosted by Lead Partner ERNACT, has served to start discussions on how to improve innovation policies supporting the implementation of Industry 4.0 as an enabler for the competitiveness of the manufacturing sectors.


After a general overview of the project, partners had the opportunity to share with the others what are their expectations and contributions to the project.

“This is a key meeting for the partnership because, although we have been working together and meeting online in the last 2 months, this is the first opportunity for us to meet in person and know better who will be cooperating with in the next years. Building the capacity of the partnership is one of the main objectives for this meeting but not less important the links and closer relationships established among the partners attending to it

, explains Jose Manuel San Emeterio, DIGITAL REGIONS project Leader. Partners have reviewed ongoing activities, started in August 2019, what includes identification of local good practices, the establishment of regional stakeholder groups and the regional context analysis methodology. The partnership also reviewed and agreed project communication and dissemination activities and management and coordination steps.

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DIGITAL REGIONS 2nd partner meeting, 11th and 12th March 2020 (Switzerland)

As a partner of DIGITAL REGIONS Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne (SIPBB) will host the second project meeting, thematic workshop and site visits in Biel/Bienne, on the 11th and 12th of March.


During the first morning, the Steering Group Meeting and exchange of experience sessions will take place to review the ongoing project activities, including: regional context analysis, good practices identification and selection, regional stakeholder group meetings and staff exchanges organisation.

In the afternoon, partners and stakeholders will have the opportunity to visit the Swiss Smart Factory (SSF) and to participate in a Technology Workshop. Furthermore, SIPBB will organise a session to review project communication and dissemination activities and discuss project management and report of the first results.

The second day will start with a regional stakeholder meeting at Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne with the participation, among others, of Virve Resta, Department of Economy (Canton Bern); Thomas Gfeller, Chairman of the Board (SIPBB) and Roger Neuenschwander, Head of Be-Advanced .

During the afternoon, attendees will be taken on tour to discover some of the regional good practices in the area.

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