"True Cobotics" Humans and robots working together

"True Cobotics" Humans and robots working together

Robots can relieve humans of monotonous or physically heavy work. Cooperation between humans and robots is already possible today, but this requires qualified personnel. Because the robots were difficult to programme and could not be adapted spontaneously or intuitively to the tasks.

Das erste Get-together im Neubau vom SIPBB

Anfangs Juli folgten MieterInnen und SIPBB-Mitarbeitende im Neubau der ersten Einladung zum Get-together in die Cafeteria. Das Treffen soll den Austausch zwischen Startup-Gründern, Projektpartnern, den Bildungsinstitutionen BFH, hftm sowie dem SIPBB-Team ermöglichen und fördern.


Design optimization of a non-invasive, user-friendly phrenic nerve stimulation technology for diaphragm activation by STIMIT AG.

Hannover Messe 2021

Auch dieses Jahr sind wir präsent an der weltgrössten Industriemesse! Vom 12. bis 16. April findet die Hannover Messe 2021 DIGITAL statt. Die Swiss Smart Factory beteiligt sich mit einem virtuellen Messeauftritt im SWISS Pavillon.

Rikscha Taxi

The integrated solution for "last mile logistics" With the rickshaw, a delivery of goods weighing up to 210 kilograms can be delivered and received quickly, flexibly and around the clock.

Rückblick Medtech Innovation Event 2021

Medtech Innovation Event 2021 is the matchmaking event for startups, small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), service providers, investors as well as academic and global players from the medtech sector.

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