Every crisis is also a chance

Every crisis is also a chance

It becomes clear that all the technologies on which we have been working on under the concept of «Industry 4.0» for several years, are more necessary than ever. This virtual event on November 6th, analysed the role that digital technologies play to overcome the crisis.


3D printed realistic anatomical models of the human body are created as prototypes for training simulators. This new technology can accelerate VirtaMed’s innovation and development process.


DIGITAL REGIONS project partners from Switzerland, Swiss Smart Factory, will organise on the 26th November a virtual conference and study visit for project partners and stakeholders to present and share Swiss expertise and good practices in Industry 4.0.

Green-Y Energy AG

Mit Druckluftspeichertechnologie Strom speichern. In einem Pilotprojekt wird erstmals in einem Gebäude mit Druckluftspeichertechnologie Strom gespeichert. Mit der Entwicklung des Startups Green-Y Energy AG und dem SBTC ist es möglich erneuerbare Energie zu speichern und nach Bedarf als Strom, Wärme und Kälte wieder frei zugeben.

Virtual Event «Out of the crisis»

Every crisis is also a chance. The Corona-crisis has accelerated the adoption of digital technologies by years. Digital communication tools have become the new normal of work. Remote technologies allow us to execute complex maintenance tasks in a factory on one side of the world from the living room on the other side. Automation of business and manufacturing processes helps to keep the supply chains running, while flexible production concepts ensure that our industries can quickly adapt to new and changing demands.

4. Digitaltag Schweiz

Virtuelle Ausstellung zum Digitaltag November 2020, 15.00 – 19.00 Wie weiss das Stromnetz der Zukunft, wann wir wie viel Energie zu Hause verbrauchen und wie hilft das beim Energie sparen? Was sind Heimspeicher und welche Rolle spielen sie in der künftigen Stromversorgung? Die Berner Fachhochschule und der Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne bieten einen Einblick in […]

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