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Circular economy for lithium batteries

Industry partners: CircuBAT is an Innosuisse flagship project with a total of seven scientific partners and over 25 industry partners.

Consortium/Research Partners:


Project Funding: Innosuisse Flagship Initiative - Promotion of Systemic Innovation

In 2021, Innosuisse launched the new flagship initiative. With this funding initiative, the Swiss Innovation Agency aims to boost systemic innovations that are central to current economic and social challenges in Switzerland. In the first flagship call, Innosuisse approved 15 applications. CircuBAT is one of them.

Project description: CircuBAT

With CircuBAT, a circular economy model for lithium batteries will be developed over the next four years. The aim is to make electromobility more sustainable and to minimize the CO2 footprint of lithium battery systems over their entire service life.

Contribution SIPBB

The SIPBB is participating in the CircuBAT project with the Swiss Battery Technology Center. The research focus is on the dismantling and recovery of components.

Benefit / Accelerated solution for the market

The SIPBB examines the form in which materials should be removed from batteries to make them suitable for direct recycling. Guidelines for the design of new battery packs that take disassembly and direct recycling into account are to be created.


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