Green-Y Energy AG

Mit Druckluftspeichertechnologie Strom speichern. In einem Pilotprojekt wird erstmals in einem Gebäude mit Druckluftspeichertechnologie Strom gespeichert. Mit der Entwicklung des Startups Green-Y Energy AG und dem SBTC ist es möglich erneuerbare Energie zu speichern und nach Bedarf als Strom, Wärme und Kälte wieder frei zugeben.


Compressed air reservoir
The compressed air reservoir enables renewable energy, such as electricity from photovoltaic systems, to be stored and used as required. A compressor compresses the air up to 300 bar. The heat generated by compressing the air is used to heat the building or to produce hot water. In the opposite case, compressed air is used to generate electricity again. The expansion of the air produces cold. This cold is also used in the building and is used to cool the laboratories, such as the battery test laboratory, the offices and the computer centre. Only air and water are used as working materials, the system is durable and completely recyclable. With the environmentally friendly compressed air storage system, energy costs and emissions from buildings are sustainably reduced.

Cooperation between Green-Y Energy AG and SBTC
The new building of the Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne (SIPBB) will be a lighthouse in compressed air storage technology. In cooperation with the industry partner Green-Y Energy AG and the Swiss Battery Technology Center (SBTC) of the SIPBB, the system will be installed and operated in the new building of the SIPBB. Another common goal is further development to accelerate marketability.

More information about the company and its technology can be found at:

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