Family-owned company, ESPI is an expert in measuring and machine tool controlling, thanks to its high speed 3D meas­uring machine range (Scanflash) and its software is able to calculate parameters to adjust the machine tool(ToolsDriv­er).

ESPI provides productivity gain by reducing the parts inspection and machine tool adjustment and the change over time.

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5th International Smart Factory Summit – 12th – 14th June 2024

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BFH Business Breakfast - Faktor Mensch in der Digitalisierung

BFH Business Breakfast – 20.06.2024

Am 17 Januar 2024 fand in der Swiss Smart Factory der erste Smart Factory Breakfast Pitch des Jahres zum Thema Smart Maintenance statt.

SSF Netzwerktreffen – 29.04.2024

"Nachhaltige Kreislaufwirtschaft: Innovationen und Praxisbeispiele"

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