Infrastructure SAMC

We are investing in powder handling, inspection technologies, digitalization (3D scanning), design optimization software, laser laboratories for sources, process and diagnostics, mechanical and thermal post-processing technologies (HIP and heat treatment) and quality assurance technologies (microscopy, metallography, non-destructive with CT scanning).


AM-Forschungsmaschinen im Laser-Pulver-Bett- Verfahren

Modular AM experimenting platform

The SAMC operates one of the world’s few modular AM research machines that uses laser powder bed technology. This system – the only one of its kind in Switzerland – enables subsystems to be assembled into a single industry-standard system and thereby achieve optimal research results. Optics and laserscan be swapped out and proprietary monitoring systems integrated in the system. The build chamber can be preheated to 800°C. The machine is programmed with open-source code; the process parameters can be adjusted as needed.

HIPC GmbH: Technology Transfer Center

Heat treatment is needed to achieve the required mechanical properties whenever additively produced components are used in demanding applications with cyclical loading, e.g. industrial gas turbines, aircraft engines, medical implants or structural components of aeroplanes. We have partnered with HIPC and other partners to research optimal post-machining heat treatments for additively manufactured components. It is the only pilot plant of its kind in Switzerland and allows us to perform hot isostatic pressing (HIP) and conventional heat treatment operations simultaneously.

Technologie-Transfer-Center HIP-Maschine mit Rapid Cooling zum Testen der optimalen Zyklen

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