Focus Areas SBTC

The diverse research activities of the Swiss Battery Technology Center


Testing batteries

What is the lifespan of batteries? What results do
performance tests provide, and what can batteries do in different applications?

Application integration and complete system engineering

How can we reduce CO2 consumption by replacing combustion engines? What is the optimal storage technology? How can the weight of batteries be reduced thanks to new materials and technologies? Here we are focusing in particular on additive manufacturing.

EV battery sorting and disassembly

How can batteries be recycled or parts of batteries be reused? What contribution can "de-manufacturing" (characterizing, discharging and dismantling lithium-ion batteries) make to the circular economy?

Battery recycling

How can batteries be recycled after dismantling? Which parts can be reused directly with the separation of recycling processes?

Compressed air reservoir

Together with the start-up Green-Y, we are building an isothermal compressed air storage system in the Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne building. The pilot plant intends to answer the following questions: How can electricity from photovoltaic systems be stored and used when needed? How can waste heat (or process cooling) be supplied to the building?

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