Swiss Healthtech Center


The vision of the Swiss HealthTech Center (SHTC) is to accelerate the implementation of innovation and research projects in the field of digital health - P4 medicine under the best possible conditions and close to the market.

The SHTC's research focuses lying on the development and connection of physical medical products with digital information technologies, the Internet of Things (IoT). Over the years, the SHTC has acquired in-depth expertise in the application of different sensor technologies and the necessary data analysis in a broad health application field and has implemented evidence-based research.



The SHTC builds the bridge between industry, reaearch, and the health care sector

The SHTC consists of experienced researchers and industry-proven product developers from the health tech sector who, together with you as a start-up, SME or large company, are actively shaping the future of medical and therapeutic care in our society. Our approach to innovation lies in the combination of a people-, research- and industry-centred approach applying current technology trends in healthcare. The SHTC integrates users and patients, usability engineers, from the start of the project to increase the likelihood of success and market acceptance of your initiative.

The SHTC's strength lies in the rapid implementation of functional prototypes for an evidence-based proof of concept or MVP (Minimal Viable Product) for design verification/validation.

What does this mean for YOU?


The SHTC puts together the necessary pieces of the puzzle for your innovation project. An interdisciplinary dream team of researchers, engineers, industry experts with the necessary expertise and mindset, the ideal project consortium and the necessary infrastructure bring your initiative quickly and easily to a proof of concept or minimal viable product for a design verification & validation.

The SHTC offers start-ups a technical due diligence or, with our partner network, a corporate due diligence, if required, to promote positive investment opportunities for your company.

Customer Need based Open Innovation

The SHTC aim to pave the way for your innovation, research initative toghether with an open-minded, young, cross- & interdisciplinary team of the Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne combining different skills of different internal reaearch groups and our partner ecosystem of Universities, Universities of Applied Sciences, and industry players.


Through our in-house resources and infrastructure, we promote an agile and fast implementation of your idea. You will find the appropriate technologies, infrastructure, and interdisciplinary, cross-research know-how to keep the development speed high.


We know the Swiss Medtech market and work together with the well-known institutions such as Swiss Medtech. Due to our industry experts with many years of experience in product development, from the idea to the market-ready product, up to clinical trials or industrialisation, the SHTC introduce you the regulatory requirements of a medical product so that no unpleasant surprise occur.

Innovation Mindset

The SHTC thinks holistically and feels comfortable in the fuzzy front-end innovation. Agility, human Centred Design, Lean Start-Up, the fast and uncomplicated cooperation with our customers are no foreign words for us and bring relevant added value for you. The SHTC challenges your ideas to understand the WHY, the HOW and WHAT. Understanding the phases of customer-problem fit, problem-solution fit, and product-market fit and their joint, methodical implementation is a key to success and our concern.


Smart Digital Monitoring of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms

NEED of a digital platform to assess the Abdominal Aortic Rupture Risk

Wie künstliche Intelligenz zum Wohlbefinden von bettlägerigen Patienten beitragen kann

In einem gemeinsamen Forschungsprojekt arbeitet das Schweizer Healthtech Startup QUMEA mit dem SIPBB an der Prävention von Dekubitus (Wundliegen) b...


Design optimization of a non-invasive, user-friendly phrenic nerve stimulation technology for diaphragm activation by STIMIT AG.

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