Network SHTC

We support SME and startups in implementing innovative ideas and help them find the right research partners. We support them in the acquisition of research funds and take care of the quality assurance of the innovative projects. We have a pool of over 100 researchers, physicians as well as developers. Research partners include the BFH Center for Technologies in Sports and Medicine (Bern UAS) as well as other universities and hospitals in Switzerland and abroad.


Bring innovation to patients

Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne with its research centre Swiss HealthTech Center, in collaboration with Ostschweizer Fachhochschule, Healthtech Cluster Switzerland, sitem-insel, the University of Bern and the BFH, started the NTN innovation booster from Innosuisse about User-Centred Healthtech.

We strongly believe that user-centricity will accelerate and improve innovation in the MedTech and Digital Health sectors in Switzerland. We want to foster focus on the users of medical devices in early phases of their development and to speed up successful market introduction of promising medical products.

Join the network, address your business pain and validate your ideas with users!

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