The SHTC is working on many projects, which will be communicated here in due course.


SHTC Projects

Digital solution for the tissue engineering of the future by SiMPLInext SA

The vision of SiMPLInext SA is to simplify in vitro tissue engineering through intelligent laboratory devices and to enable sustainable toxicologic...

Smart Digital Monitoring of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms

NEED of a digital platform to assess the Abdominal Aortic Rupture Risk

Radar basierte Dekubitus Prävention mittels KI – QUMEA AG

QUMEA has developed an innovative radar system to monitor patient mobility to support care. A pressure ulcer (bedsore) function is being researched on the existing system, a direct need from partner hospitals.


Design optimization of a non-invasive, user-friendly phrenic nerve stimulation technology for diaphragm activation by STIMIT AG.


3D printed realistic anatomical models of the human body are created as prototypes for training simulators. This new technology can accelerate VirtaMed’s innovation and development process.

Living Well with Anne

Die personalisierte virtuelle Assistentin „Anne“ unterstützt heute in verschiedenen Sprachen betroffene Personen dabei, ihren Alltag selbstständig ...

Bodygee AG

People are increasingly using technologies such as apps and fitness trackers to monitor their fitness training and diet.


Vibwife is a movement-inducing system that actively moves women during the birth process.