Focus Area SSF

The SSF deals with the following topics:


Smart sensors & actuators

How can even the smallest components (products, field devices, tools, etc.) be enhanced with computing power, communication capabilities and sensor technology to facilitate their integration into the Internet-of-Things? What standards are needed for interoperable communication and networking? What new business models can be created?

Smart networking & automation

How can existing approaches to horizontal and vertical integration (such as digital product memory, digital twin and interoperable information interfaces) be further developed to innovative value-added networks?

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

How can one create transparent insights and opportunities for people to intervene in heterogeneous, interconnected production systems? How can people be appropriately supported with technology without constantly patronising or monitoring them? What are the technological, organizational and legal framework conditions?

Autonomous Robots & Cobotics

How can cobotics and autonomous robots be used to the benefit of employees and companies? What are the technological, organizational and legal framework conditions?

Cloud & Edge Computing

How can Cloud & Edge concepts be applied to the planning and operation of production systems? How can innovative services and business models based on cloud technologies be developed? How is data and information security in networked production systems achieved by means of technical and organizational approaches?

Artificial Intelligence & Smart Data

How can the potential benefit to a company of comprehensive data acquisition and analysis be assessed and realized? How can AI improve transparency and decision-making in modern production systems? What are the technological, organisational and legal framework conditions?

Workplace of the future

What will the industrial workplace of the future look like? How will digitization and the “sharing economy” change the working environment? What kind of jobs will (still) be necessary in the future?

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