Lighthouse Project Industry 4.0

With this lighthouse project, an entire production ecosystem is to demonstrate how Industry 4.0 can already function today. The initiator of the project is Swiss Smart Factory of SIPBB. The team around research manager Dominic Gorecky and project manager Michael Wendling brings the know-how to the project as well as the network of SSF. The support association "Swiss Smart Factory" already has over 60 members, 50 of whom are involved in the lighthouse project.


An ecosystem that shows how Industry 4.0 works

With the lighthouse project, we are heading towards the "transparent factory". Visitors to SSF can follow the entire product lifecycle along the production ecosystem - from product design to packaging. The big challenge is to show this networking in production.

Optimal cooperation through data consistency

To build smart production and generate higher added value, technologies are not used individually, but together. In doing so, we focus not only on the machines, but on the entire environment - building, infrastructure and machine. Through this comprehensive data continuity of all work steps, information flows from developer to developer; from developer to machine; from the machine to the product; from the product to the customer and from the customer back to the manufacturer.

Pragmatic, creative and cost-efficient

Our out-of-the-box thinking allows us to do test runs without generating huge investments at the company. The important thing about the lighthouse project is that the focus is never on the product (a drone in the first project) but always on the means of production. Whether drones or shoes are produced is irrelevant.

The drivers and partners behind the initiative

40 of the approximately 50 partners of the "Swiss Smart Factory Förderverein " " (FV-SSF) participate. The majority of these are technology providers who offer components of Operation Technology (OT), as well as IT partners who enable communication between the various means of production - so-called "networking software". Universities such as the BFH and technical schools such as the HFTM are also involved. The lighthouse project is co-financed by the Canton of Berne.


Michael Wendling

Manager Lighthouse Project

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