UAVIT – make drone noise visible

The growing number of drone applications creates valuable support in aerial photography, videography, medical deliveries and building inspections.

These will result in much higher flight traffic to enable commercially successful applications. Although UAVs (Unmanned aerial vehicle) are not very loud, most people are annoyed by the high frequencies noise emissions of their propellers. Lack of public acceptance due to noise and privacy issues might stop the Swiss drone industry from flourishing. Among others this was mentioned as threats in the 2021 performed “Swiss Drone Industry report”.



Within the Innbooster project a framework for the development of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Impact Tool (UAVIT) was developed. The purpose of the tool is to predict and visualize noise in an impact map not only of drones but in a broader sense for any kind of UAV. The tool is intended to support the planning and optimization of drone routes with the aim of reducing noise pollution for the population. The coloured graphic shows how a drone impact map could look like in the future.

The project has achieved several milestones and made significant progress including the development of a framework for the UAVIT tool providing a structure for follow-up projects, the inauguration of the flight test track in Biel, the validation of the drone flight simulation tool, evaluation of alternative flight routes, and assessing regulatory frameworks for resident surveys. The next phase of the project will involve an extended market analysis, preliminary discussions with authorities, defining an appropriate resident survey methodology, and conducting basic research to extend the tool’s capabilities to encompass various types of drones.


Link to test flight Video:



Project partners:

Janik Vollenweider (ZHAW)

Simon Baumgartner (incluas GmbH)

Reto Weis (pixmap GmbH)

Wolfgang Rieder (SIPBB)



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