"True Cobotics" Humans and robots working together

Robots can relieve humans of monotonous or physically heavy work. Cooperation between humans and robots is already possible today, but this requires qualified personnel. Because the robots were difficult to programme and could not be adapted spontaneously or intuitively to the tasks.

In this project, Swiss Smart Factory and its partners developed a system of artificial intelligence and algorithms that makes it possible to intuitively reprogram robots in companies without computer knowledge.

With the partners F&P Personal Robotics, Niviso, Mima Com, BFH, arc haut éclole, a system was developed that can be used universally for different tasks and different collaborative robots (cobots). It is possible to program the robot intuitively, with human language and gestures for a new task.

Three different robots were programmed with different tasks.
A robot that sorts washers, nuts and screws in different combinations. The robot Lio brings a glass of water to residents of old people's homes and in large kitchens a robot can take over cleaning out the dishwasher.
All of these cobots learn their tasks through gestures, speech or input on a tablet.

YouTube: Cobots

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