Focus Areas

The focus of our research is implementation of technology in the medical field to find new applications and the investigation of their effects on patients, health care professionals, medical environment and the health care system. We position ourselves in the interface between humans, technology & environment to complement technology driven research partners.

Multiple Sensors and Actuators

Research and development of multimodal sensor systems and the integration of actuators for medical applications and their interaction with medical environment.

  • Active medical devices
  • Birth assistance devices
  • Sensor systems for hospitals
  • Mobilisation systems
  • Blood & insulin pumps
  • Respirator devices

3D Technology Applications

Implementation of digital process chains in medical field using 3D technologies. From 3D digitalization of body parts, imaging techniques over data processing, simulation and visualisation until direct manufacturing by 3D printing.

  • Patient specific medical devices, Implants, Orthoses, Protheses
  • Body scanning for body shaping, fitness centers, sport coaching
  • 3D simulations and shape modelling
  • Segmentation, pattern recognition
  • Rapid prototyping & -manufacturing, special 3D models for hospital applications

Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Applications of machine learning and data mining on health data to detect and validate patterns and correlations. Includes data acquisition, – processing and –visualisation.

  • Support for the ageing society
  • Stress management, burn-out management and prevention
  • Processing of medical data and images
  • Diagnostics
  • Hospital data management
  • Software & mobile applications

Other Areas

  • Integration of sensors and actuators
  • Orthopedics, Implants, Ortheses
  • Biomechanics and biomed. Engineering
  • 3D Technologies (scanning, designing, modelling, simulating, printing)
  • Data analytics and artificial intelligence
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