In order to understand, evaluate and realize the potential of Industry 4.0, a broad interdisciplinary approach to research and development is required. In addition to the technological basics, an understanding of the applications, business models and other relevant factors is required. The Swiss Smart Factory offers a platform for precisely these interdisciplinary issues and promotes much-needed collaboration between industry, research and politics to proactively promote this digital transformation.

Latest news from the SSF

Auch dieses Jahr sind wir wieder an der Hannover Messe! 01.–05. April 2019 Sie finden uns in Halle 6, Stand G24
Am 23 Januar 2019 fand das Kick-Off-Meeting für das Leuchtturm Projekt Industrie 4.0 der Swiss Smart Factory und ihrem Netzwerk statt.  60 Gäste aus 40 Unternehmen – aus den Bereichen Automatisi…
Head of Research

Dr. Ing. Dominic Gorecky


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