It becomes clear that all the technologies on which we have been working on under the concept of "Industry 4.0" for several years, are more necessary than ever. This virtual event on November 6th, analysed the role that digital technologies play to overcome the crisis.

With the participation of the World Economic Forum, Microsoft, SIEMENS, NTT and many more, we discussed how digital technologies contribute the resilience and recovery of our industries.

Here you can watch the presentations and discussions on YouTube.

The Corona-crisis has accelerated the adoption of digital technologies by years. Digital communication tools have become the new normal of work. Remote technologies allow us to execute complex maintenance tasks in a factory on one side of the world from the living room on the other side. Automation of business and manufacturing processes helps to keep the supply chains running, while flexible production concepts ensure that our industries can quickly adapt to new and changing demands.



Swiss Smart Factory – Welcome and Introduction
World Economic Forum – Situation Assessment by the World Economic Forum
Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology – How Korea fought the crisis with the help of technology
SIEMENS AG – Exclusive Insights into Gaia X – Europe’s cloud platform
NTT Software Innovation Center – Global Data Infrastructure for Data Sharing between Businesses
Microsoft Western Europe – Customer Stories in the COVID-19 crisis …
MyLiveZone – Remote Training Platform for Industries
Holo One AG | PROFIN – Augmented Reality as an Enabler for Remote Applications
FFHS, Fernfachhochschule Schweiz – Remote Education
DKSH – Experiences from Swiss Tool Machine Producer
ADS Automated Data Systems S.A. – Experiences from a Mexican Machine Integrator in COVID-19
Innovalia Association – European approach to repurposing for reliable and resilient response to pandemic manufacturing demands
Monterrey University Mexico – Conclusion and Summary of the Event

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