Lighthouse Project Industrie 4.0 Machine learning
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Lighthouse Project Industrie 4.0 Machine learning Artificial intelligence and machine learning, what is it good for? Absolutely everything! This time the SSF Team gives a good overview of the many uses and use-cases that Machine Learning can help companies find, analyse and overcome production issues.

In the last video, the SSF Team showed you how to connect relatively dumb machines with smart connectors, and harvest loads of interesting data, but what comes next? Analysing and understanding what all that data means! For this our AI-Specialist from the SSF Stefan Pauli gives you a clear explanation on the subject.

Using the now interconnected 3d printer farm as an example, Dr Pauli talks about how the collected data is going to help with issues in the production line. If this subject interests you, Dr Pauli makes a workshop on the subject regularly and helps companies understand the subject, and what use Machine learning might be for their production.

In an upcoming video, we will also take a deep dive into Big data, so if you want to learn more, get subscribed.

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