Press release CircuBAT – 31.03.2022

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A second life for car batteries – a new research project improves eco-balance of electric mobility

The research project CircuBAT aims to create a circular business model for the production, application and recycling of lithium-ion batteries used for mobility purposes. Seven Swiss research institutions and 24 companies are joining forces to look for ways to boost sustainability in all stages of a battery’s life cycle. The project is part of the newly launched Flagship Initiative of Innosuisse, the Swiss Innovation Agency.

Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne is the Research Partner for the Subproject of  Module Disassembly and Components Recovery

Batteries from electric vehicles age mechanically as well as chemically. In order for them or parts of them to be recycled, they have to be disassembled by hand, which is a laborious process. Since batteries are not designed to be disassembled further than at module level, repairs at module and cell level are hardly possible nowadays. When individual cells age at different rates, this leads to the traction battery being put out of service prematurely despite many cells still being in adequate condition. Subproject 06 therefore aims to develop methods for breaking down lithium-ion batteries to the cell level, thus enabling repairs and reuse. It also intends to develop guidelines on designing battery modules so that individual cells can be reused and batteries more easily recycled.

Implementation partners are the Swiss Startup LIBREC AG, Stiftung Auto Recycling Schweiz and upVolt GmbH.

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