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Review of the second Medtech Innovation Event at the SIPBB

The matchmaking MedTech Innovation Event organized by Swiss MedTech, be -advanced, and SIPBB was booked up last Monday the 2nd of September. The event was presented by the outstanding moderator Dr Heiko Visarius, CEO of Visartis Healthcare GmbH. The key speaker was the CTO of Sonova, Dr Stefan Launer, who talked about “the innovation management in the age of digital health care.” He explained to the audience how they manage innovation to develop better hearing devices based on an agile approach. The company can level the value proposition with benefit and cost thanks to its process. “Sonova hears the world” and proposes a hearing care solution for life without limitations.

Following, solution providers like Konplan AG, Creaholic SA, Medidee Service SA, Moser-Baer AG, and Siemens Industry Software GmbH could present their activities and expectations to the audience.

Before hearing the main act, Mr Jens Krauss from CSEM and Vitalijs Zubkovs – PostDoc for Industry at CSEM SA presented the evolution and future of vital sign sensors technologies as business enablers in digital health.

As always, the focus of the event centred the pitches by startups and industrial innovators. We had the pleasure to hear about seven projects from the most intelligent heat plaster to the smartest monitoring system for babies.


CALOPAD – “The most intelligent heat plaster in the world.”

1 of 5 people suffer from chronical pain, thereof 69% from chronical back pain and tensions. It is the number one public disease. CALOPAD wants to fight back pain and neck tensions with the combination of different forms of therapy. With his smart heat plaster remoted by a smartphone, they can combine to cure the pain with various healing methods and learn with his patient to improve the healing process. It’s easy to use, from everywhere and every time.


HiD imaging – “We will disrupt the heart valve market.”

Today 1800 patients undergo TAVI operations. Of those operations, 49% bring post-operational complications and thereof 27% are caused by not fitting valves. HiD IMAGING offers 3D printed tailored heart valve; analysis of the blood flow and industrial as well as clinical recommendations to encounter those issues. Therefore, the company can touch the medical companies with service and support as well as the hospitals by manufacture and analysis.


RAMP – Research Applied in Medical Practice

Nowadays, 11% of patients don’t receive the right treatment. Not because our doctors are wrong, because there are so many researches, they are coming out every year, that they can’t stay updated about everything. RAMP proposes software as a solution to find the optimal treatment for every patient. It works very simply. Based on the patient dossier, you add during the consultation the symptoms. The software will then propose a ranking of optimal treatment as a suggestion. The doctor will only have to choose in order of the ranking the optimal solution to treat the patient and therefore prevent any medical mistake.


STERILUX SA – “Innovation in medical device sterilization.”

By STERILUX, nosocomial infections (infections from the hospital) is the main issue that this company wants to solve. The problem comes from insufficient sterilised surgical sites. Their solution is an ultraviolet radiation-based sterilisation technology that activates oxygen from the air into ozone. The process is done at room temperature allowing sterilisation of the standard surgical tools as well as complex heat-sensitive medical devices. Their mission is a simple, reliable, and affordable sterilisation.


XATENA – “Your smart B2B-network in healthcare

In the complex MedTech market, it is often difficult to find the best supplier or to propose your products to the health provider. XATENA is a B2B sourcing and supply chain platform which offers as-software-as-service easy access to the market for suppliers and gives the possibility to health institution to search, evaluate, request an offer and purchase any equipment or furniture.


LEITWERT – “Seamless from devices to date.”

Nowadays, data is the most valuable resource a company can have. However, it’s challenging to manage this enormous quantity of information. LEITWERT propose an easy way to use data for the well-being of patients. By offering the possibility to connect any medical device to monitor the patient, LEITWERT can submit the results from a clinical trial in a real-life situation as well as monitoring the patient stationary and, by equipping the patient after treatment, the hospital can manage the disease from anywhere.


DOKOKI – “The milestone in baby monitoring for happy babies and relax parents.”

Created by a father who was worried about the well-being of his son after the cure from a kidney tumour, DOKOKI helps parents to sleep better at night. Uncertainty, insomnia, worries are feeling parents feel about the health of their babies in the night. DOKOKI is a baby sleep guard who supervises the baby thanks to a baby phone and smart wearables connected to the smartphone. So, it monitors the essential vital sign and alarms the parents when something is wrong.

After those presentations, the stage was free for Ms Ronja Bruhn from the start-up STIMIT, who could tell her experiences about managing an innovation project and why it is important to see problems as a valuable opportunity and risks as an innovation booster.


To complete this matchmaking event, the startups, investors and all participants could meet in 1to1-meetings. 88 Meetings were booked this day, and we are convinced that some of the startups could find a CTO or an investor to support their project.

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