The series “insight” guides you through the new building of SIPBB.

Features of the new building

The SIPBB offers meeting places for people to come together within an innovation environment.


The five-storey building has 15 500 m² of total space and is modern with plenty of daylight. It is also very adaptable. In accordance with the modular concept, the interior construction has been finished using modular and lightweight construction techniques.




The new SIPBB building is certified to the Minergie-P standard, which means it makes sustainable use of energy resources. We use photovoltaic energy to produce our own power, and this can be stored thanks to sufficient battery capacity. Heating and cooling of the whole building as well as the technical facilities takes place using water from the lake and recirculation of process waste heat. To ensure sustainability, waste is consistently sorted and recycled.



Logistics and vertical access systems

Each of the core zones has both stairs and a passenger lift. The lift goes from the basement to the roof. The access facilities in the eastern part of the building include a goods lift that goes from the basement to the fourth floor.



Laboratories and research facilities

Various different laboratories, workshops and cleanrooms can be rented on an hourly, daily or monthly basis for specific projects.



Workspace for rent

In the core zones of the third and fourth floor, there is the option of installing customer-specific cleanrooms. The office space is in the fringe areas along the glazed façades.



Would you like to be part of this innovation environment and are you interested in space and/or a cooperation?

Contact us:

May 15, 2019

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