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SIP BB networks all customers with all relevant partners in the Swiss innovation environment.

We support start-ups with the implementation of an innovative idea, help identify the right research partners, support the acquisition of research funding and manage the quality control of innovation projects.


The aim of the be-advanced initiative is to promote the canton of Bern as a location and it acts as an independent and supra-regional networked driver. The new innovation promotion agency reinforces the innovation and competitiveness of startups and companies located in the canton of Bern. be-advanced provides assistance to startups in a whole range business matters. Together with SMEs, it develops analyzes, solutions and strategies to keep the company in touch with the market and one step ahead of the competition.


Bern economie development agency

Innovating for success: a dynamic economy needs startups that bring new, innovative, marketable products and services to the market. We support your startup with market potential and innovative projects right from the very early stages.


CTI R&D project financing

SIP Biel/Bienne is a research partner in accordance with FIFG Art. 5 of the CTI (to be renamed “Innosuisse” as from 2018). Within the area of expertise of the SIP Biel/Bienne, companies can carry out innovative R&D projects funded by CTI (up to 50 % of the project costs). Each year, the Swiss CTI funding amounts to about CHF 150 million.


STI F&E Project financing

When it comes to the financing of innovative projects, SIP Biel/Bienne collaborates closely with the STI. The foundation provides financial support in the form of a repayable, dedicated and interest-free loan to founders of startups with technological innovations and economic potential.


W. A. de Vigier foundation

Since it was founded in 1987, the W.A. de Vigier Foundation has always pursued the same goal of promoting active economic development by the direct financing (sunk costs) of young people with innovative business ideas who want to start up performance and growth-oriented businesses in Switzerland.

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