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The BFH Centre for Technologies in Sports and Medicine has established a partnership between its four members, the Berner Fachhochschule (BFH), the Institute for Human Centered Engineering (HuCE), the Institute for Rehabilitation and Performance Technology (IRPT), the Health Department and EHSM Magglingen. This partnership enables key complementary technologies to be networked in the best possible way, developed efficiently and transferred effectively to other areas.

In application-oriented research and development, close interdisciplinary collaboration between experts in science and technology is key to the development of high-quality and user-friendly solutions for use in everyday practice. Technologies and processes are researched in order to create innovative and marketable products for SMEs, medical practices, hospitals and sports associations. The fields of research of the four member institutes form the basis for the interdisciplinary approach. Technologies and processes are further developed by experts from science and technology in close collaboration with the direct end users in the fields of high-performance sports and medicine. The aim is to improve the performance of top athletes through enhanced monitoring techniques and to provide doctors with new diagnostic tools and rehabilitation equipment.


Ensuring the health and safety of patients is central to medical products. Strict directives harmonized throughout Europe require continuous quality control and market surveillance. A certified quality management system is thus essential and is usually a pre-requisite for the approval and marketing of any medical product.


Through a unique procedure for a university, the Institute for Human Centered Engineering HuCE-microCert at the BFH became the first university in continental Europe to be ISO-13485 certified. This involved the compliance of the quality management system being proven through a complex evaluation process. This certification facilitates access to the European market (CE marking), creates a clear competitive advantage and also provides wide ranging potential for spin-offs and SMEs. With the ISO-13485 certification, the BFH Centre can now offer a complete medical technology package for SMEs, ranging from research through medically-compliant product development to production. HuCE-microCert offers consistent processes that ensure compliance with international guidelines and recognized standards and can also provide the necessary facilities for prototype production at the feasibility stage as well as for small series production in their own approved cleanrooms.

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