Multi Color Printing Technology

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Multicolor 3D Printing is an impressive  process that can create amazingly detailed objects. With not only the capability of using a wide range of color but also the means to print transparent material, new doors open in the way we can create components for research projects and their application in fields like Medical Technology or Prototyping.

Material Jetting

Material jetting is ideally suited for realistic prototypes, providing excellent details, high accuracy and smooth surface finish. Material jetting allows a designer to print a design in multiple colors and a number of materials in a single print. The main drawbacks to printing with material jetting technologies are the high cost and the fact that the UV activated photopolymers lose mechanical properties over time.

Vat polymerization processes are excellent at producing parts with fine details and give a smooth surface finish. This makes them ideal for jewelry, investment casting and many dental and medical applications. Material developments have also allowed the printing of low run injection molds. The main limitations for vat polymerization are the build size.

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