Alle Standorte

Alle Standorte

Der Switzerland Innovation Park Biel/Bienne (SIPBB) gehört zu den sechs Standorten der Dachorganisation Switzerland Innovation (Stiftung). Die Stiftung koordiniert die Standorte, vermarktet sie im Ausland und verwaltet die Bundesbürgschaften.


The Swiss Innovation Park «Switzerland Innovation» gives easy access to talent, knowledge and expertise. It is the ideal place for technology-driven companies to create their next breakthrough or best- selling product.

Park Basel Area


Located at the heart of Europe’s leading life sciences cluster, Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area offers the ideal environment for engineers, scientists, research groups, spin-offs and start-ups in the fields of precision medicine.

Der PARK INNOVAARE ist ein Innovationsstandort in der unmittelbaren Nachbarschaft zum Paul Scherrer Institut PSI und dessen Grossforschungsanlagen.

Park Network West EPFL

Switzerland Innovation Park Network West EPFL equals a network of six parks in Western Switzerland covering all Innovation Areas.

Switzerland Innovation Park Zurich has 38 hectares of undeveloped land for the performance of R&D and joint innovation work between the worlds of business and science

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