Well attended a network meeting of Swiss Smart Factory members at Balluff Schweiz. On Monday, November 18th, 2019, Frank Wittwer, CEO of Balluff AG and Pascal Olivier Gaggero, Head of Innovation Management gave an exclusive insight into the activities and the philosophy at Balluff AG Schweiz.

Furthermore, Michael Wendling, Project Leader at SSF informed the members about the progress in building up the Lighthouse Project. Under the Name of “Lighthouse Project,” the Swiss Smart Factory is constructing an Industry 4.0 pilot plant with a lighthouse effect for the Swiss workplace. We would like to thank Frank Wittwer and his Team for their warm welcome at Balluff Schweiz AG. Many thanks also to Enrico Bernardo, CEO and co-founder at WEVENTURE for his presentation about “Online Pre- and Prototyping with Digital Marketing”. Network events of the SSF are exclusive events of the SSF membership program.

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Big Data Workshop with Stefan Pauli von der Swiss Smart Factory

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